About Lloydscompany

jul 9, 2024 | Lloyds company



Credible hiphop, open to everyone

Lloyd Marengo grew up in Rotterdam of the 1980s and learned to dance on the streets. In the 1990s, his hangout in Rotterdam West, Twilight, became the epicenter of hip-hop. With 010 B-boys he achieved worldwide success and put Rotterdam hip-hop and street culture on the map. Lloyd is one of the founders of the Hiphophuis in Rotterdam. He worked with dance companies Scapino and Conny Janssen Danst, among others, and his work was shown at Royal Theater Carré (Amsterdam), Breakin’ Convention (UK), 
CCN La Rochelle (FR), KVS Brussels (BE) and Schrittmacherfestival (DU).  In 2019, this pioneer started his own company: Lloydscompany. Lloydscompany brings together dancers, upcoming urban makers and the underground battle scene. With performances for theaters and festivals, Lloydscompany builds a bridge between the street and the stage.

Connecting worlds
Lloydscompany is based on connecting different worlds: hip-hop and theatre, the African diaspora, new audiences as well as the experienced public. Dance needs no translation. It transcends linguistics, and so does hip-hop culture. Hip-hop crosses all borders, making it relatively easy to exchange ideas and to share inspiration.

“As a company, we stand for the core values of bringing together creative people (especially dancers) and making professional, high-quality art. I see myself as a choreographer/creator whose roots clearly lie within the hip-hop scene, which provides me with the necessary inspiration from different social, societal and cultural backgrounds. As an artist, I want to establish a solid foundation for urban hip-hop choreography and dance to be equally respected as other performing arts. In my work I want performers to communicate within the same dance idiom, regardless of background, ethnicity or religion. Our mission is to structurally perform on a national as well as an international level.” – Artistic Director Lloyd Marengo

Lloydscompany’s presented two touring performance in 2022, both created by Lloyd Marengo: Father Figure and Sribi Switi for children of 4 years and up. In 2023 Lloyd created Unbreakable with the South African Soweto Skeleton Movers. The performance was shown at Breakin’ Convention in London and toured in the Netherlands and South-Africa. Lloydscompany was also invited by President Cyril Ramaphosa of South-Africa to perform at the State Theatre in Pretoria, South Africa on the occasion of the state visit of the Dutch King and Queen. 
This was unique: never before has a hip-hop choreographer been invited to join on a state visit, let alone perform with dancers that are literally from the streets of Soweto. To get this kind of recognition was a major accomplishment for both. In 2024 the company toured with the double bill POWER, created by Lloyd Marengo and Sheree Lenting.

Lloyd was awarded the Golden Swan in September 2022 for his significant and unique contribution to dance in the Netherlands and his role as a trailblazer for the hip-hop community. The jury felt that Lloyd’s enduring commitment to the community is undeniably great and deserves recognition.